Welcome to the homepage of Qiao Yi Lion Dance Team, Christchurch, New Zealand
. We perform and teach the Hok Shan Sar Ping style of the Chinese Southern Lion Dance. Form in 1996 our objective is to introduce lion dancing through teaching and performing.

Often confused with the Chinese Dragon Dance, the Chinese Lion Dance has been in existence in various forms for about 2000yrs and is one of the most recognisable Chinese dance. This dance is performed in festive & auspicious occasions as it is believed to bring in good luck.

Lion dance embodies many aspects of Chinese art, culture & traditions into a unique performing art which is closely associated with Chinese Martial Art. More recently it has evolved into a  international sport where incredible aerobatic feats are performed by the lion above high poles.

We welcome all who are interested to join us.  We train most Saturday from 3.30-4.30pm.. All of our classes and training are done in the Chinese Cultural Hall, 22 St. Asaph Street, Christchurch. Please contact us at :info@liondance.org.nz for more details. 

We are regularly invited to perform at various functions which have included: cultural festivals, corporate events, Chinese New Year blessings, business grand openings, weddings, welcoming of dignitaries, birthdays, product launches and more. We were also invited to perform in Wellington, Invercargill and Alexandra. We welcome all invitations so feel free to contact us at :info@liondance.org.nz for any queries.  

We are available to teach and help any groups that would like to form their own teams. We also organise lion dance workshops conducted by us and overseas experts. For more information please follow the links in the sidebar.

We are also now on Facebook, do check it out for more information and pictures.

Qiao Yi Lion Dance Team Christchurch, New Zealand 紐西蘭基督城僑藝醒獅團

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